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Farrow n ball

Hi all . Was just seeing if anyone has come across this . We have been doing a fair size hall / stairs / landing . All farrow n ball paint .
Blackened for ceilings
Sugar bag light on walls
Pointing (eggshell ) all woodwork. So usuall prep on walls n ceilings all cleaned off . Ceilings were them painted with 3 x coats of blackend in estate emulsion left to dry for 24 hours . So today we were on the walls . And as I’m cutting in to ceilings with the sugar bag blue it was wetting up the ceiling paint and dragging . I mean I hit the walls with say 5 m wen doing the ceilings so I can cut a nice straight line. The walls were the modern emulsion as the customer has dogs so wanted extra durability. Could this be the course ? Second coat one all was dry was a lot better but had to cut all the tops in 3 times which was a pain … any advice be much appreciated