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Fearghas professional decorator Shetland

Hi all I live in the Shetland Islands and have been following TP for a while now, getting emails etc.

Been a painter & decorator for nearly thirty years now, definitely enjoying it more and more thanks to forums like this one and encouragement, advice and general banter from my online “friends”.

I work for myself but one day hope to take someone on and give them the head start I got.

My go to paints are Tikkurila and Sikkens with Zinsser in the mix as well.


Hi Fearghas

thanks for calling by. A big assumption never having been, but I assume with the climate up your way it would make sense to use Tikkurila paints and other high performance kit. Is that how it is up there, as a general spec, painters go for that high end of the market product as standard, or are you an oddball in a contract gloss world :slight_smile:

Definitely oddball,
People use either Tikkurila Valtti or Jotun for exteriors due to the harsh climate as also experienced in Finland and Norway respectively where these Ali to are manufactured.
Both are no compromise paint companies with very high standards and the paints are excellent.

I’ve recently started using Tikkurila products as disillusionment set in with Dulux and Crown. Yes it’s more expensive but the majority of my customers are more than happy to go with my advice. I can get it locally without buying online and paying high shipping costs.
I am definitely in the minority and don’t know of any painters here who favour Tikkurila over Dulux or Crown.
I would say that approximately 70% of woodwork especially new construction is varnished pine, 35% satin/eggshell and the rest gloss finish, mainly in older properties.

Thats surprising. There must be a lot of work up there for you to get stuck into putting right.

Most of us aren’t short for work, that’s for sure.

I presume you’re always busy as well?

Looking good, yes thanks. We are very optimistic about the future, long way to go, but its true what my lecturer said back in the 90’s, the longer the system carried along the path it was going, the fewer decorators there would be like the “class of 84” !

We were taught to really graft, not to accept the norm as the best and to always question and try new ways. With the internet, we are able to reach out so much better than years ago, and both tradesmen and homeowners have easier access / exposure to innovative products and better ways of working. It is a good time for motivated old school decorating specialists with a website that works :slight_smile:

Whats the interaction like between your fellow decorators up in Shetland?

To be honest I am on nodding terms with only a few but we don’t associate with each other, different circles etc.

The owner of the shop I get Tikkurila from was my boss when I first moved here 7 years ago. Good bloke who has the biggest firm of about 12 men working for him. He does mainly contract work whereas I do only private, so no real competition there.
90% of work is by word of mouth, but to be honest there’s more than enough work for everyone from the Eastern Europeans to more high end private work which I like to do.
I (try to) set my self apart from the others as my old boss to whom I was an apprentice always used to advise me to. Wise words!