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Feedback on Arroworthy Microfibre 1/4" pile roller sleeve


I wanted to get a decent flat finish on my bathroom walls and so I invested in some 9" Arroworthy sleeves. The walls are not that large so 9" is okay and I went straight on with the 1/4" pile. I have to say this is a great roller and it loads up well considering the short pile. I could get the paint on quite quickly; although I was not rushing and some sensible slow rolls gave a very flat finish. I tried the Pro Doo-Z but I must admit that was a 3/8" pile as I couldn’t find a 1/4". It was very good but I like the Arroworthy’s shorter pile. Perhaps it is because I am not a Professional and I need more job time but either way I would recommend this sleeve to anyone.


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You need to do more reviews, useful info. I saw a demo with an Arroworthy mini roller sleeve, impressive paint holding.


I bought mine from decorating direct, and very impressed.

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I bought mine from the same place Darlic

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