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Festool RO90

Having been a buyer and massive geek of festool kit I have wanted a Rotex RO90 for many years .

The sander is variable speed and has a delta head and a round 90mm head.

The sander is expensive 400£+ plus vat but I managed to get a deal from my local distributor.

Having used the sander for a week now, I’m sadly not satisfied though. Most other products are amazing but not this one…sniff

First, lts not a great balanced tool which means to have to push it flat to make sure the sanding face is parallel to the face and this can lead to swirling edge marks. When using it in side a cabinet for instance the upper inside , you can’t really tell if it’s flat to the face at all, hmmm

The changing of the heads, round to delta, is clumsy. You feel as if you’re not doing the right thing while unlocking them, not to the usual standard.

Using the delta head with festool abrasives AND full extraction left a lot of dust on the surface, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Ok it naturally removed a lot of dust but nothing like the ETS sander which I also own, thats practically, entirely dust free…

The delta head struggled to sand inside of a a drawer front where you’d expect the detail sander to shine.

The soft backing pad has already started to wear on the front point and the abrasives slipped off. Grrrr

The round head is onlyn90mm, thought this would be ideal for kitchen doors but it’s maybe too small in hindsight…

As for the abrasives , where do I start…

You need to buy a different abrasive for the different shaped heads. The abrasives in some grades are in 10’packs but the 220/320 grits are 100’s and this is 30£+ per box…thnk about it. For two grades each for the respective heads you’re talking £120, on sandpaper…

However, I was committed so shopped online and once I used the enigma code machine to decipher the comedic festool naming and part numbering system, I ordered a selection of round and delta triangles. 120£ lighter.

I’m now 500£ plus in to a sander that’s not balanced, suitable for my service, doesn’t take the dust away brilliantly and has the turning circle of a panzer tank in small spaces (you’d need a minimum 350mm to use the tool)

Wish I’d bought the RTS with delta head or DTS with square head - about half the price


The RO90 is not a delicate machine and so not suited to kitchen work.Its very powerful and strong and is good a paint stripping machine and superb for sanding back Repair-Care resin etc.
You so should of asked us on here Lee as I’m sure everyone of us would of recommended the RTS, Its Christmas soon, so you’ll have to ask Santa for one :smiley:

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I feel your pain… yep, it’s a beast - awesomely powerful… but perhaps not a kitchen painters best friend!?.. and the Brilliant 2 sanding pads are expensive; I’ve found that Abranet isn’t keen on staying on either.

I’ve had one for a couple of years now… don’t despair too much, (yes, that’s big money) I’ve found that it has proved useful on a couple of occasions and has been worth it’s weight in gold!

Yes, the RTS is the way forward, I have the new one with variable speed and it’s brilliant on kitchen work - I cut down the 150mm Abranet discs and they work a treat.

Why not look to sell it on eBay, I bet you wouldn’t be too far out of pocket… that’s what I do; I try to change my kit frequently. That way I lose little money and get new kit.

Sorry for you mate!

If you are thinking of selling your rotex 90. I would be interested BUT I CAN BUY ONE FOR £340 inc vat from toolfest with the 3 year I am only interested if your price is lower. You paid to much for it in the first place sorry to say.

Regards.Mick .

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For those who own a RO90 or a RTS 400, can I ask what you use it for as I’m thinking of buying one or the other and don’t want to make an expensive mistake.