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Right having waited, watched, delayed, read and asked about sanders, I went a bit nuts and made offers on ebay for the Festool extraction and a Festool sander.

For the extraction I bought a Festool CTL Midi and at a good price I think. £160 Farily sure that is the right boy for the job from what I’ve read on here.

But the sander was less familiar to me its the Rotex RO 150 FEQ-Plus. I’m wandering if I have bought something useful, on the money or just hmmmmm.

The sanding I’m doing right now falls into 3 catagories in the main:

  1. sanding old paint to undercoat with new decent new u/c or sanding u/c to a finish

  2. sanding Kodrin Spachtel to a smooth finish for glossing

  3. sanding Prestonett Joint Filler of plastered walls to smooth finish

and later on for sanding Oak skirtings, doors and floor to take Osmo.

Did I buy the right thing or was it a another red wine Friday night purchase?


If you already bought one I wouldn’t ask in case you don’t like the answers :wink: Mirka Deros would be more versatile as it has more variables but probably not build as well as the Festool. So it’s pros and cons really and you leant to get the best from the tools you have right?

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:grinning: Is a point but it will go back into the magical universe of ebay if it’s not the right stuff.

Yes I read lots of good stuff on the Mirka. I’m happy with the make (also from what I’ve read) but just not 100% sure it’s what I need within the range.

Failing a thumbs up that it’s ok-ish then I’ll put a flag up when I want a few ‘feel good lies’ :wink:


General feedback on the RO is that it is a powerful beast. Rips down old paint like a champ, but it may not have the finesse you want for other tasks. Although as pointed out, you could well tame it for your needs

You could well have a couple of sanders for different occasions and if you don’t kill them, put them back on eBay when you are done with your projects, to recoup some pennies? A couple of Traditional Painters were talking recently of a pass the parcel on an RO90 I believe, one found it too strong for general sanding, the other thinks it will be ideal for ripping down work tops.

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Got it Andy. So the next time my ‘alcohol fuelled ebay fetish’ grabs hold, what complimentary model would you suggest…something more in line with the tasks I’m currently doing and likely to be most of this year…and ideally a Festool to fit in with the other gear bought.

I think once I have some good used gear I’d hold on to it to be honest. Well until genuine retirement takes hold and I find a local decorator the caliber of some of the guys on TP. Cheers

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Hello! I am a self-confessed Festool nut… it has been almost a month since I last bought a Syslite… *gulp

Having said this, I have a couple of Mirka DEROS’ and they are a fantastic and versatile piece of kit - as far as I’m aware quite similar to your Rotex RO 150 FEQ-Plus. if it is anything like the RO90 then it is a beast!!! of course sharing the same 150mm diameter disk, so you will be able to use Mirka Abranet easily. you might also want to contemplate buying a Festool RTS400 EQ plus. My dust-free sanding kit comprises of my pair of DEROS’, a RTS400 and a RO90 bolted to a Mini and a CTL SYS extractor… I’m really pleased that you have jumped on the train, it is well worth the investment and will change the way that you work for the better!

I think that your RO150 ‘should’ fit your requirements, initially.



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Hi Martin…ok that’s good to know. The RTS400 EQ plus I do still have an ebay watch on and when one drops at the right price I had thought to look at that. Yes glad to know the Abranet will fit…big fan of that stuff but have to confess had not checked that.

Ok feel as though I’m in the right ball park and in fairness not paid a fortune either. Thanks for the heads up Martin,

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Sounds like you got a good deal on the ctl midi :grinning:

The RTS400 EQ is definitely the right sander for woodwork/trim.

Rather than the RO150 EQ Plus for sanding walls you would be better off with an ETS EC 150/5. This is Festool’s equivalent to the Deros but a far superior machine.

I’ve not been 100% happy with my Deros and a number of p&d’s I know have had to send theirs back to rectify faults.

I will be swooping my Deros for the ETS EC 150/5 soon.

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Hi Mark, sorry for the slow response.

Yes having received it and at last took a look I see what you mean…it’s way too big. Is in perfect shape and works a treat but a handful. Definitely going to go with the lighter unit for sure. Ebay watch time again.

Just a quick one…do you use a bag with your CTL MIDI or just the container? And how long do the bags last…they seem on the pricey side.

Also same question with the filter…how good are they good for? All the best

I think the combination of the RO150 EQ and either the RTS 400 EQ or ETS 150/5 should cover the vast majority of home decoration scenarios. Would that be fair to say?

Just thinking on would the RO159 EQ be suitable for removing old oak floor varnish? Been doing this by hand with a tungsten blade so far.

And I’d imagine both could also have an application with car bodywork maybe? Or is that being a bit over ambitious? When you drive a 95’ 106…you look for these options … in the vane hope that one day I might actually do such work! …unlikely :wink:

Bags are part of the filter process. ie No bag equals one less filter.

I have seen flooring guys using the RO for edges as part of their process.

suspect the RO would be good for taking the rust out your chassis :slight_smile:

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Hi Andy…so it’s a worthwhile purchase having the bag. Yes having spent years in a cloud of dust a few quid on a bag sounds worth it.

Just thinking our loud Andy but is there a blog or tips page on ‘all things sanding’? Strikes me that a knowledge base of just that would be very very useful…entry level, mid range, top end…choices, benefits, pitfalls etc. For sure all that is on TP with a bit of searching but a document like the one you did on walls and TX130 and polishing with pics etc would be a great resource. Just a thought.

You not wrong about the chassis…having spent a couple of years avoiding it, I suspect it will be a MIG rental for a couple of days in the Summer! 230 thousand miles and still going like a Japanese sewing machine…have promised myself a new XC90 when it hits 300k!

I see, you are setting me homework now !

Can I buy some time with this one about vacs

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…well ok, just this once…but in exchange…a 30 word assessment please on the pros & cons of the Festool long life filter bag Vs the throw away paper bag ones. :grin:

Just reading now…is interesting stuff

I bought my last lot of bags off eBay:

£21.95 + free postage for 5 bags.

You can empty them if you want and re-use if you don’t mind a bit of faffing about. I will probably get a lifelong bag at some stage . They are about £80 but probably worth it for me in the long run.


Thanks Mark…yes I’m still emptying the Henry bag that came with your Vac a year or so back :grin:
He will probably be moving on soon I think although has done sterling service.

No joke…also with our house one. Times is hard !

Tempted to go with the life long one for reasons I cannot entirely explain but in terms of dust extraction it looks like there is not so much so separate them.

I also bought the cleaning kit you mentioned in your feedback in ‘Sanding options - just starting out’ thread. Is very good. Thanks for the heads up.

Morning folks…still pondering this one…the RTS 400 EQ Vs ETS 150/5 debate and have a couple more questions if ok:

  • how does the price argument work out for abrasives … disks Vs 115mm roll for Abanet?

    *I've been using 115mm Abaranet on the Flex rectangular sander so far but have no experience with Abra disks yet .... any advice? Price? Life-span? Effectiveness etc?*
  • Although understanding most of the discussions so far, which shape sander is best for walls & Prestonet joint filler fine work? Rectangle or circular?

     *Note....I've just landed a large renovator project...daughter buying an auction property and **ALL** walls & woodwork needing doing*
  • What does the EQ mean in the RTS 400 name?

And if I were to able choose just the one…an RTS 400 EQ or the ETS 150/5 (specifically for fine finish walls) which would be the one? …

Apologies I know I’ve got a lot of solid advice already here but given I now have the prospect of 8 miserable condition rooms to do…I’m keen make sure I’m bang on it this time as it’s lot too real now!

Mark hi…just wandered if you ever bought the 150/5 unit and if you have any feedback if you did?

I’m just about to press the ‘buy now’ button on the EC QC kit but thought I’d check how you got on first.


Hi, I’m still using my Mirka Deros.

The Festool is still on my list but other things are taking priority at the moment.

Hi all . I have the Mirka deros . For walls and ceilings an some woodwork . Can’t see how it can be used to good effect on trim . I’m dying to get a festool so which is best for trim work ? And what is there equivalent to the deros for walls etc