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(andybury) #21

I have a Deros for walls and Festool RTS 400 for trim, works perfectly for me.

(garyscott25) #22

Cheers Andy il look them up . Does the festool work on the Mirka vac ? Where did u get yours from ?

(andybury) #23

I think so I have a Festool Vac and they both connect no problem. Got mine from here

(Amateurhour64) #24

After a good while of trying find a second hand 150/5 EQ+ I eventually gulped and bought a new one!

Well it’s a lot of cash but it works like a dream. Have only used it a little so far with the CTL Midi but what a combo. I plumped for one of the lifelong bags as well.

I guess at the price it should be good but it really is…again an example of the difference between the cheap stuff from the sheds and the stuff you pro’s use.

The real test will start in about a week with a full house of Presonnet Joint Filled walls and then a huge ‘on-road’ test! Part of me is looking forward to it…then there’s the other 80% :slight_smile:

(Mark West) #25

Great price for the midi! I paid £400 for mine but was an early adopter, I think the average price now is £260ish.

(Amateurhour64) #26

Yeah I was happy with 160 for that and it was in good shape as well. Mind got it wrong on the RO 150…paid a little too much and was way off mark for what I needed.

Mind you happy now…one for hefty work and one the fine stuff. And no more dust … first time for me.

(garyscott25) #27

Thanks mate . So the rts 400 for trim ? Doors / skirts / cills- etc ?

(Dave) #28

I have the Deros and an RTS 400EQ and they handle every job for me thus far. This is a popular combo for most people and I certainly wouldn’t put anyone off.

I find on the Deros it is often better to use a 120 grit and slow it down slightly rather than an 80 grit. It seems to cut better and produce a cleaner finish. I was given that idea by Andy and it works,

The Festool is a dream unit, I love it. I watched a friend struggling to manually sand some trim as he refused to use a sander due to the dust. I setup the RTS400 with the midi and the job was done in about 10 minutes. There was a super smooth finish and almost zero dust; he was stunned!

(darlic) #29

Hi dave is the RTS 400 a palm sander how much did you pay for yours?

(Dave) #30

Yes it is a palm sander and about as good as they come. If you are looking for a smooth finish on trim, doors, etc then it is a must have. You will save so much time on projects it will pay for itself.

It’s light, sits so well in your hand and makes sanding an absolute pleasure. I’ve had mine for 12 months and even now I am still looking for wood to sand! I did have a small issue with mine where it started to vibrate a lot which you normally wouldn’t feel in one of these. I emailed Festool at 17:00 on a Tuesday, they collected it on Wednesday at 10:30 the next day and it was back at 09:30 on Friday! No charge, no fuss, just superb service.

I just checked and I paid £230 for mine and it is worth every penny!

You can buy the 240v version for £220! RTS400EQ

(darlic) #31

Thinking about buying one for walls along edges,whats it like when you sand filler with them is there any dust.What do you use for dust extraction?

(Amateurhour64) #32

I don’t have the 400 but the 150/5 with a 2nd hand Festool Midi extraction box and a long life bag and it is frankly amazing on the cleanliness side.

I came from a budget handheld and a henry vac (both did sterling service and are both still used) but far from dust free.

The Festool kit is amazing in that respect…it really does have to be seen/used to be believed. Not sure I did originally but having made the spend I don’t regret it for a second…it really is quite something. Your won’t regret it.

(Dave) #33

I use the Festool midi extractor so virtually zero dust.


(darlic) #34

How much are the extractors

(Dave) #35

They are currently £287 from here Festool Midi Extractor

I have a £50 off voucher which you are more than welcome to have. That makes it £230 and you cannot buy a Dyson for that!

(Amateurhour64) #36

:slight_smile: … is a good point put like that.

Mind keep an eye on ebay, they come up often and you can usually halve that amount. Think mine was about £120. Mind I then went and bought the life long bag which for the genuine item I seem remember is about £60 odd pounds.

I think as Dave say with the £50 voucher, a new one could be a good proposition especially if it’s a tool for your trade. Mind again I don’t think the new unit comes with the bag either so that would be more again. You don’t have to use the bag but it does add to the dust free further again.

Just one weakness I see with the Festool extractor is the removal of the dust bag in fact…it’s easy but does shed dust in the process and also the emptying process. Mind it’s a small price to pay.

(Dave) #37

I tend to use the cheaper bags at £16 for 5 Midi Bags and often empty them a couple of times before they are discarded.

(Amateurhour64) #38

Think that might in retrospect have been a better way to go Dave

(darlic) #39

Thats very kind of you many thanks jason.