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Right after spending a good while at the P&D show playing with the festool gear, I’m now seriously thinking about adding a small set up to my van.

It would be used on kitchens and inside woodwork, mainly as I don’t, if at all possible do outsides.

I do have a handy pad and henry but would like to get a better and power set up.

Now I was looking at the Ro 90 or the ets 150. I must say I did also try the rst 400 was put off this one by the chap selling it, said it would be too big and not made for woodwork mainly walls.

I felt the Ro90 was a nice size to handle and very powerful, also liked the delta mode so a little more versatile than the 150.

I have seen a few places doing a deal on some kits, one place even cheaper than the show!!

The only thing I’m wondering is the amount of time I would use it, as it looks like a lot to carry about?

So does anyone here have the Ro 90 or 150 and is it a pain to transport or do you use it on a daily basis and also do you use the festool pads and paper or any other makes.



P.S If anyone knows any other place that does a good bargain please let me know. (Cheapest I can find is Axminster tools.)

Hi Neil,

I have used the 150 and I really do rate the festool products as top class! Expensive however excellent quality . I personally use the mirka ceros and find it to be excellent only downside I have found to be getting into some corners due to the shade and size , however I’m sure mirka will come up with something. Would recommend both just down to what work your doing and what you prefer , maybe get a test of each prior to buying one anyway.Hope that helps.


Hi Neil We have had the Mirka ceros and the extractor for about 10 months now absoloutly brilliant for large areas, my only complaint is the lack of storage on the extractor itself for the hose and cables and as leo says does not get in the corners with it being a circular pad,But would not be without it.!!

On recommendation from Martin Guest we recently purchased the Festool rotex 90. We have just completed about 40 internal door sides and used the festool quite a lot the delta pad was excellent for getting into all the corners and angles and the small circular pad on the flats, again a excellent machine.

We have cut the Mirka sheets to fit the festool and not had any problems.
As for the transporting the extractor itself does take a bit of room up but the sanders themselves are easily carried in the van.

Hope this helps

Picked this up on Twitter between Traditional Painters, which may help!

So then, do I splash out in a nice new festool setup or ceros setup? Looking at the Ro 90 or the ceros 125.

ToolTalk1: @Imberboy
ask for a insure demo? Keep machine for a week… Fall in love and buy both !!

Imberboy: @ToolTalk1
had a play with the Ro 90 at the show and did fall in love with it, just did get to use the ceros. Could see me getting both!

ToolTalk1: @Imberboy
both machines are propa nice and very professional. I did a high gloss slab mdf kitchen last year (50s style) used CEROS

Imberboy: @ToolTalk1
thinking of going for a festool setup then adding the ceros later, I take it ceros will work fine with festool vacuum setup?

Paintsussex: @Imberboy @ToolTalk1
The ideal setup for me is the DTS400, RO90 and Mirka Ceros with extraction to a Festool ctl midi.

Imberboy: @Paintsussex @tooltalk1
very close now to getting a festool package, midi vac with either rts 400 or ets 150/3 & will add ro90 later

ToolTalk1: @Imberboy @paintsussex
would defo stear you to R90 first… It’s the Decorators sander and very powerful

Imberboy: @ToolTalk1 @paintsussex
if I could find some one selling a ro90 package with midi vac then I would go for it but can’t find any just yet.

decorum28: @Imberboy @paintsussex
try Brewers ? I will speak with my contact at Festool best regards WdW1

Thanks to all for your input, I have made my mind up and now looking to get a midi and Ro90, that was the easy bit working out what to go for, now tiring to get a deal sorted is another thing.

Phoned two shops today for a price and was told by both they would get back with there very best price, heard nothing from either.

My local brewers, who yesterday thought Festool was a make of paint, told me today the best they could do was 5% off the RRP.

The hunt goes on, but at least I now know what I’m going for.

Hey Niel
Did you get your sander kit? I am looking at a similar purchase it would be helpful to know how you got on.
Did you find the best deal?

I’ve found that Festool do their best to keep prices level and consistent, so whether online or local it varies little. In Bristol very fortunate to have the excellent independant shop Power Tools Plus who have a full range of all Festool tools and with demos and back up it’s been so much better for me than buying online.

For online try Bunny’s Bolts, ‘ToolFest’

I use the RTS 400 (rectangular plate palm sander) for vast majority of my decorating prep - particularly for doors, panels, etc. Its a palm sander, so it’s one handed operation and very nimble to move around horizontal and vertical surfaces

The RO90 (interchangeable delta and circular) is superb although its heavier to use and requires two handed operation. Very quickly will rip through layers of paint (e’g’ staircase treads and risers) in the ‘eccentric’ mode. I don’t often use the Delta pad as the palm sander is rectangular so I’ve already got to the corners with that.

I use the Mirka pad savers and foam interface pad for mouldings.

If you opt for Festool abrasives than go for the Granat (blue) rather than the Brilliant (White) they are perform well from 40g through to 320g, rarely clog and last so much longer!


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See here for confirmation!

I agree with recent comment that the RO90 dust extraction is poor, the Delta head being the worse, compared to the RTS 400. But I use the RTS for 90% of my prep and only occasionally bring out the RO90 when needed - e.g. where aggressive sanding is required