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Fiddes Hard Wax Oil - tinted oak lightening?

Any experience/views on this product for finishing?
My next projects are working on a 1930s oak desk, also dining table and chairs, all of which are filthy at the moment. Prefer to keep wood as pale/natural as possible. Do not want to use polyurethane varnish.
Thank you.

I’ve just ordered some. I think the ‘oak lightening’ version is quite new. Will try it out on an old oak dining chair and report back here later with before and after photo.

Thanks for that, not a familiar product - yet. Let us know your thoughts.

I’ve used it now, and would recommend it to anyone, it’s brilliant and the nicest ‘new product’ I’ve used for years.
Dries quickly - 2 hours touchdry, 24 hours hardened. I used satin finish which gives a very low gloss sheen - perfect.
Tips - really do apply it thinly, it’s a wax oil not a varnish, then rub gently along with grain with cloth to remove any excess. I used 2 thin coats, lightly sanded between and tack clothed off.
Other advantage is a little goes a long way so should last for ages.
Bef/aft pics below.

Painted Lady