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Filler for joints on wooden door?

Well filled my door with fine surface filler,nothing got missed,had a deep crack in join on frame i had to gouge out which was to deep,to use the touprett tx110,great stuff,now what i done was use 2pack filler so i could fill in one go,so tomorrow i can sand then undercoat again,i accidentally overlapped a little,on the fine surface filler,i was thinking if you do a job and need to use two fillers like on this occasion,something like a exterior filler in tube that you can achieve a nice smooth Finnish,would be the solution on joins,any recommendations,is there a tool you could use,or is the solution,just wait for the fine surface filler to dry,which is a couple hours then do it,i found the tx110,great filler,liked the flexibty off increasing drying time by adding warmer water,really nice to use i am a great fan off touprett,i used the contintal filling blades doses anyone no where you can buy the ones with wood on edges,where you hold them.Happy decorating keep pressing on.

wooden handle continental blades are available from Brewers

Also seen some at DDC.

Hi folks whats the best exterior filler for old wooden windows?