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Filler Marks After Top Coat


So I stripped my front door, sanded smooth, filled (repair care, decor fill), primed,gras a lacquer,undercoat,sanded super smooth and then on with the gloss and, erm I can see where I filled edged in white. All looked fine with the undercoat and as soon as I glossed they really pop out :roll_eyes:. Should I sand and apply a second top coat? Or fill again?

Hi yes, sand and repaint, if its really bad,you may need to undercoat, two pack can flash, so use a good primer like ottex,hope it helps.

Thanks Darlic, it’s not terrible so hopefully sand and repaint well do it.

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All done, I’m happy with that, enjoyed the task and got a result I’m pleased with.

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Thanks for posting glad to help, looks great,what gloss did you use?

I’d say you got a good gloss finish on that, nice :+1:one.


Thanks :grinning: I used weathershield with owatrol and a purdy monarch elite. I was going to use sikkens rubbol as recommended on this forum however I don’t know enough about it and the chap at shop convinced me otherwise. I hope it holds up because I don’t want to have to redo it any time soon, was fun but a lot of work.

Out of curiosity what was the reasoning from the seller about Weathershield over Rubbol?

Ahh to be honest I can’t remember because I bought he paint ages ago. Probably because I’m naive and it’s better to sell me 3 tins of paint instead of 2.