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Filler primer

Hi all,

Sadly, I decided to retire early due to ill health and concentrate on family matters. I only had a couple of years left, so it made sense.

Anyway, I’m having a busman’s holiday and decorating our lounge. I removed the paper, and the plaster is full of minor dents, cracks and patches. I used to sand it back and spot fill, but it would take a long time to complete. Is there a filler/primer that would help smooth the surface before painting primer and a top coat? I recall Toupret having a roll-on filler, but I cannot remember its name. I tried one from them but also cannot remember it.

Do any of you know of a product, or is it sanding and spot filling?



Been there done that chalk or coin and good light,and when room lights change or sun comes around theres even more filling.Take a look at prestonette roll and easy skim.Hope that helps.

Lining paper my solution in these cases