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Filling door mouldings

Hi folks is there a filler you can apply by brush to cover minor imperfections on mouldings on doors ,its got to be quicker than using filling blade.cheers

Used tx110 worked well.

you could make some brushing putty if you are using oil based… putty,turpentine,ground chalk made into a brush able paste…
chalk mixed with oil undercoat i have also used in the past …
or Gras a Lacquer from toupret.
i would think you could put chalk in a water-based primer also i to give it more body


Your a very knowledgeable painter so if i buy bullseye 123,and some chalk powder,how much would you add?This
what your saying should cover very minor imperfections ,what about useing the bulleye on painted plaster?Looking forward to seeing more of your posts.cheers