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Filling over nail fixings in plasterboard

Hi Guys.
Long time no action from me but been off the circuit.

I have to do some filling over plasterboard nail fixings where the plaster has failed due in part to movement. This seems to be typical in ceiling areas. Should I paint/seal over the nail heads prior to filling with Zinsser or similar.

My feelings is yes… I’m always happier filling a primed substrate - better adhesion and seal.

(Unless someone says differently!!!)

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Thanks Martin. I thought I would ask as there are so many new products coming on the market it is good to know that what I am about to use and do is correct.

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To try and reduce future movement have you considered adding some screws at weak points?

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I agree with Andy, I always put a screw either side the failed one. Then unscrew the failed one, take it out and fill that hole and over the two new screws