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Filling /Probmatic cracks,skiming,

Hi folks thought this would be another useful post to add.Wheither its filling walls,skiming tops of skirting board to plasterboard repair to skimming this post you will benefit from.

For filling
Do you match filler with surface
Do you use fillers that are easy to sand
Do you use ready mixed fillers? Can be a time saver?
What areas would you use lightweight fillers for?
How would you push along the drying process?
Do you use dust free sanding?
How would you sand awkward areas
How do you fill deep holes
How do you fill probmatic cracks?
As well as skimming/plasterboard repairs, we will cover everything, including good products.More to follow soon

For fillers
Tx110 Touprett
Upol easy sand

Skimming over skirting boards makes a big difference we used tetron filler