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Fine finishing

Hi fellow friends /decorators can we talk about fine finishing your tips.What grades abranet
are you using on trim and doors?what grades on walls to achieve super smooth finish?
How are you best enhancing shine on interor white doors are you using touprett la gras,or is
there anything better out there now.Whats your favorite filler for achieving super smooth finish?
On the rollers or brush what are your favorites,are you using owatrol to avoid brushmarks,or
good quality primer undercoats ?

Hi Darlic
Thumbs up for Toupret ready mixed wood filler. Proform blaze brush fantastic. Currently painting a unit with water based satin, which I hate with a passion. I resent the fact that a something else must be added to a paint formula in order to make it work. Conversely, I’ve been using mythic eggshell and mylands eggshell, both great products, straight out of the tin, a bit of extra moisture and off you go. However, clients don’t want to pay for extra days to achieve perfection, they don’t want to pay an extra £25+ for 2.5l of eggshell and at the moment, at least 9 other people are quoting for each paint job, with some happy to work for less than a hundred a day. It is important to keep the standards up but at what cost. I would be richer if I had a pound for every time someone says, ‘anyone can paint’.
Incidentally, if you want a sanding alternative and don’t fancy getting the extractor and sander out of the back of the van, whilst cursing that you’ve just run out of 120 grit at 30 quid a box, try card scrapers, Amazing tool that takes a small amount of material off, doesn’t throw dust in the air and can match 1000grit. Shaped scrapers also available for moulding.


For walls and skirting i am using 120/240,i already use the touprett wood filler
great stuff the card scrapers,where do you buy from?

That’s good info, thanks. Can you explain card scrapers?

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Card scraper:

My son is a carpenter so found myself with these. The burnisher we use is an old harden steel chisel.
I’ve use these on painted wood and looking to use them on varnished trim in the next couple of weeks


Thanks for posting.

Doing a better job than the last painter is my goal,how many of you use the mirka goldflex pads?

Whats your favorite grade abranet for fine finishing work on walls and woodwork?

Getting ready to practise with some toupret gras a laque,and toupret cachet blue,to see whats going to achieve the highest finish have you used any of theses products and what have you used them on?

to achieve a super smooth finish on walls remove all dust from your walls with a damp Flatt microfiber mop after you have sanded them down . this liquefies the paint particles and allows them to sit flat again then you are ready for your topcoat
ps ive even been known to do this every time i apply paint to a wall including mist coat …

you have to treat the walls the same way you would a door or a cabinet

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i use wooster dustbuster ,one for walls and a spare for laminate flooring?what greade abranet,are you using?in between coats?

240 then 320 ace

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Thanks what about woodwork?

i80 . strips and 320 goldflex

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as with any surface it is of the uppermost importance to make sure they are clean every time you sand so tac cloths for woodwork and dont forget to mop the floor its about controlling the environment and removing dust from the area .an air extractor is quite useful also

one last tip never put circular sanders on woodwork you intend to paint vertically or horizontally after you have undercoated


Boughtsome goldflex from restexpress yesterday looking forward to trying.

thats 180 strips or 80,cheers

180 strips yes not 80

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Hi teho on coving i am using mirka interface pad,what grade would you use?Also under the edge of coving its very bumpy,how would you solve?

its very hard to say darlic without a visual aid.
cut it out and fill then sand to a 45 degree angle

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