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Fine paints of Europe - Restoration Fine Arts

Scott Kesler is a Hamptons based specialist painter. Earlier in the year he started working with Fine Paints of Europe and asked for a few tips.

[quote] I’m a decorative painter who specializes in period finishes.
I stumbled across your site whilst researching for a latest project I have
embarked on. I have hooked up with a British ex-pat master cabinet maker
out here in the Hamptons, and will be hand painting his kitchens and
built-ins. He prefers I use a product called Fine Paints of Europe. I
generally paint, glaze and some times gild (details)… I found your philosophy uplifting in these jaded times.[/quote]

It is interesting! You look at the standard of workmanship and scale of Scott’s work, and wonder why on earth someone with that skill level would be asking about oil based paint.

But he doesnt use oil as a rule!

And having worked in the USA, I am pretty sure that oil paint has practically disappeared from view, apart from oil based primers and a few niche areas like marine and historic restoration. Once out the mainstream, the knowledge to use oil has fast diminished.

I was happy to share what I know about brushes, application, conditioners etc with Scott, and the same for any American painters who want to know how to use oil paint as nature intended, you are welcome to browse and ask and question Traditional Painters.

Not to forget, the info on the Fine Paints of Europe site is pretty darn good / brilliant.