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Fine Paints of Europe - Shearer Painting

The Dutch have created a niche for themselves in the USA with high performance lacquers and wall paints, marketed under the banner Fine Paints of Europe.

The basic principle is that residential paints are pretty weedy compared to marine and automotive finishes, so give mainly historic restorers a product to shine in every way. Over the years the market has extended and some of the high end painters in USA use these paints as part of their armoury.

John Shearer Painting in Seattle has embraced the best of Dutch paints, some cracking examples of what the real niche painters are achieving stateside.

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Great article where can we buy theses paints from in uk any link?Also looking for a wall paint that dosesnt splatter that will give me a super smooth finish,the wall will be smooth,also recommendations for a good
roller was looking at the arrowrothy?