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Finger marks on hand painted kitchen doors

We have painted kitchen cabinets doors in dark colour eggshell oil… it has been few weeks and every time the client touches the doors her finger marks it left on the doors (please see photo attached). Is there anyway to prevent finger marks showing? Will sealers or vanish prevent such marks or will it just protect the paint. Open to suggestions please?

Hi Basma
Dark colours will always show up general marks such as this but looking at them it appears that the client has just done some pastry making. Greasy or oily fingers after working in the kitchen will show up. Personally I don’t this you can eliminate this problem it is a natural occurrence with prepping food and cooking. My view is that it is a client problem not yours.

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agree with Richard, I had exactly same feedback from client (we used Little Greene French Grey acrylic egg) saying it 'doesn’t stay clean" (!) and 'shows every mark".
I visited to listen and assess, the challenge is that her previous knotty pine kitchen probably didn’t show finger marks whereas a transformed painted into one flat colour does.

Adding varnish or sealer will make no difference, oil eggshell paint is the colour equivalent of a sealer or varnish and doesn’t offer additional protection.

I have a similar client challenge with a bathroom where she wants a complete repaint because of water marks!

visit client, listen , and understand. But kitchen cabinets just need a wipe over - no surface whether laminate or paint will be self cleaning. Good luck !

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Thank you Richard and Dave for your input.

This isn’t meant to be flippant.

Could door knobs provide a solution?