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Fire damaged oak beams

I am working in a wonderful property in the stunning historic Castle Street, Farnham. The property is thought to be dated as early as 1520 and Listed Grade II.
I am decorating A bedroom and ensuite bathroom which features some oak beams.
At some stage in more recent years there was a fire in the building and the beams were scorched black and burned in some places.
My clients would like to find a workable solution to removing the charred surface to both ligten the appearance and to stop the debris that fragments and leaves a mess on the floor.
Does any one have any solutions to this problem?
The obvious would be to wire brush it back but this would be a laborious task to do manually.
Any thoughts would be much apreciated.
Thank you

I can post some pics tomorrow, but left my camera at work today.

Hi Ciaran

the bottom line is whatever you do has to be gentle on the wood, so dont get too abrasive and blasty with it. For blasting, it would require a very low pressure approach just to dislodge the surface dirt and soot.

This is a crew from US, where they blast wood with volcanic dust that disintegrates on impact. It is only coming out at 45 - 55 psi too.

SPonge Media or this one using abrasives at 70psi a bit too abrasive but with a less harsh grit

might be food for thought to get you on the right track. maybe sub it out to a company geared up for it.

Thanks Andy