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Fixing plaster coving

I am about to start a new decorating project which consists of fixing coving to ceiling/wall junction. This operation is not new to me but I have never been able to get a seamless joint between the sections of coving.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Many Thanks.

That probably comes with practise,but your in the right place ,theres plenty of help on this forum.

I always have a short length with the left and right hand mitre already cut to allow easy alignment while the adhesive is wet.
When you put the next length up there will be a little adjustment but it’ll be practically there.
You will need to over fill the joint too. I always do this and sand back prior to painting. This works pretty much every time for me. Unless the walls are really badly out.

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Thanks Darlic.
Will peruse.

Before I start to apply the cornice I Strike a chalk line around the room at the dimentions as set by the profile of the cornice - 120 cornice circa 60mm down from ceiling. Once done I fix about 3 nails into the plaster along the length of the cornice, this gives it support - 3 metres long can be tricky with just 'you’
No problem there then. I normally fill the joint but rarely does it hide the joint.
Just thought that adding adhesive to the joint prior to butting up may eliminate the problem, what you think!!

To add to Lee’s suggestion, I would feather out the filler with a 10 or 12" caulking blade so you get a good long graduation.


Thanks Andy. I will try this.
Will keep you posted on the result.

photos explain 1000 words, the image upload arrow is easy to use.

Sorry Andy but when I click on the arrow no photo’s are shown. All I get is