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Fixing shoddy cabinet work


I’ve been reading the forums here for a couple of months, and have learned a great deal as a result. I painted my cabinets several years ago, and have started painting cabinets for others as well. I recently received an email requesting a quote for a cabinet repaint. The cabinets were just painted, but the work was terrible, and they need someone to redo them. They were relatively new cabinets (five years old), but they wanted them to be white - no brush marks or roller marks - and had specifically asked that they be sprayed.

The homeowners went on vacation mid-way through the process, and came home to the “finished product”, which was subpar at best. Obviously not sprayed, drips, roller marks, hardware installed crooked, etc… A terrible job. So, they’re looking for someone to come in and fix the poor workmanship. I haven’t seen the cabinets in person yet, but she sent me some pictures, and it’s quite a mess. I can’t believe someone would leave them in such a state.

My question to you experts is how you’ve handled situations like this, and if there is anything I need to look for/ask/etc… going into this. It’s going to be a lot of work to get them back into a state where I can work on them, and I want to make sure I go in armed with as much knowledge as possible. I’m certain I can do a better job, but haven’t started a cabinet job with this kind of mess before.

I have attached a couple of the photos of the work so you can see it for yourself.

Thanks in advance,