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Flaky paint on exterior sill

Hello chaps. I painted some windows for my mates mum a year ago and one of the sills is all cracked and flaky. Any idea what I did wrong?
Many thanks.

Could be moisture.

Hi Holty. Looks like you need to go back to the base material, check it is sound (if it’s timber) and then start from scratch ie sand, prime, then under/top coats. If the cill is timber and holding moisture I would suggest you leave it to dry out - protecting it from the elements. It does look like the existing paint has failed and all that has happened is it is blowing and taking your newly painted surface with it.

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Thanks Jason. Someone told me it was something I was doing. Can’t think what. So, going to sand back, 1 cover stain, 2 gloss sanding between coats?
(sorry, thought I posted this!)

Thanks Richard. Luckily it’s only the one cill. I guess it’s possible for the substrate to look dry but actually be holding moisture?

Get a moisture meter, to check.