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Flashing fillers on fine finishes

Hello from a newbie.

What is everyone’s experience of flashing from filler under emulsion? I’m trying to decide which fillers to recommend to our customers and trialling a range of different products. I’m mostly interested in powder fillers because I suspect that they are still the prefered option of most painters - but do please correct me if I’m wrong.
Thanks, Peter

Hi Peter! Could you do an Introduction, so we know a bit about you. I am sure there will be a few painters interested in what you do. :wink:

Toupret TX110 is a good starting point. And a few fillers mentioned here for their ability with cracks.

Unfortunately a lot of modern emulsions will flash on filler, both powdered and ready mixed. You could touch up the filler with something like Zinsser Gardz or 123 prior to painting but it can be a chore if there’s a lot of it.
The only wall paint I’ve used recently that doesn’t flash on filler is Mathys Paracem Deco Matt from Holman Paints. It’s a very good product actually.


Hi Andy,

If its ok with TP, heres a bit about who Edward Bulmer Pots of Paint are:

Edward Bulmer is an interior designer and architectural historian who has worked in some prestigious homes and buildings over the last 20 years, including Kenwood House, Arundal Castle, Castle Howard, Chevening and Chequers.

During redecoration work at Goodwood, Edward discovered natural paints and has become a great advocate and authority on their use, including establishing his own range in his own thoroughly researched colours. Pots of Paint, as an arm of Edward’s design company, sells natural paints made of plant and mineral ingredients. The range is based on two oil & casein-bound emulsions, an oil-based interior eggshell and an oil-based exterior gloss.

Our Natural Emulsion No.4 is the first paint to be accredited with A+ under the new Emissions Dans L’air Interieur stamp. We reckon it’s the healthiest paint in Europe.

All our ingredients are fully declared and we are always looking at developing new products. Our aim is to work with painters to develop best practice with our products and we are always happy to discuss application methods and to hear feedback from our customers. I’m the product manager.

Our website is

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Thanks Ron,

when you say “modern emulsion” are you saying that emulsions used to cover filler better? What has changed do you think?

I don’t remember ever having to prime or seal fillers prior to emulsion 10 years ago. Just used to apply 2 coats and it was never a problem.

Hi Ron,

Our range of Interior fillers don’t flash, 2 coats of paint and you should not see the filler grinning through. This has been the feed back from a number decorators that have used our Prestonett Multipurpose Interior Filler . When you next need some filler why not try a 1kg box it is competively priced and you can get it online from either Holman Paints or My Paintbrush. Let me know how you get on if you decide to give it a try.Cheers :beers:

Hi havent you got to paint a whole wall,with gardz?