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Floor protection

I came accross this website recently that appears to cater for all our needs with temporary floor protection, looks quite competetive to.

just checked it - thank you!
the wide roll (1.25m) hard floor card protector has to be a good timesaver with large sq metre floors.

This is a useful site - thanks for sharing that.

I’ve just started using the Adorn sheets which I am very pleased with but sometimes it’s easier to have something that can be stuck down for a long job.

Used the recycled card floor protector - intitally was a bit apprehensive due to the shiny surface, but we had no slips and it was very sturdy underfoot and offered much better floor protection than lining paper. the room was 5 metres wide so it rolled out swiftly in four widths rather than nine or so lining paper would have taken.
For smaller areas such as kitchens lining paper is probably still easier to set out.
The card rolled up easily for next job too.

The other item I liked was the handrail protector - again a timesaver over masking tape and cutting lining paper to fit

Hi Dave what tape are you using to stick lining paper down,have a job Saturday to do.

I use Tesa 7 day or Blue Dolphin to mask tight onto skirting. But cheap stuff for the middle - sticking the lining paper together - Johnstones do Rodo for £1.50 a roll, but that’s not as important as the low tack around the perimeter - particularly if its varnished floor boards!

Agree, I always use lining paper now it’s easier to deal with. I usually use DDC 1400 grade, which is more expensive but I’ve found rarely tears.
As with Dave, decent tape round the edge and cheaper stuff to connect the lining. I use Scotch Blue Painter’s tape for this. I’ve tried others but find it the most reliable.

They also do a roll of card although it’s more like 1700 paper which is easier to handle, main benefit is it comes in 1metre width roll so it goes down in half the time. We used some today and reckon it’ll be our go to hard floor protector

That sounds a great idea the vinyl flooring layers use a 1 meter wide or even wider cardboard roll with could also be useful