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Does anyone know where I can buy Go! Paints Flowcontrol heated paint kettle?
I looked into this last year, when about to do a large exterior job, but had no luck.

have you tried their store locator?

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Hi whenever I use thick gels, or want to thin paint,what about putting it in a bucket of hot water?

Yes tried that, also tried contacting them directly on PaintersPitstop, where they have posted - no luck with either.
I saw somebody had posted about using one of these a couple of years ago, that’s what reminded me of the product. It’s actually something I’d proposed to a couple of workmates 8 years ago, when our last exterior job was running into a chilly autumn - only to be laughed off the scaffolding. Looks like someone made it a reality, and though expensive for what it is, I still reckon it’s a very good idea - just can’t find them for sale in UK, so now looking to buy from store in Holland and have it shipped.

Absolutely, that would work to a degree. However the beauty of this design is its relative portability, the fact you can maintain a particular temperature and you can adjust the temperature.

Try contacting them on their Dutch website I got a reply about the lids for the paint kettles fairly quickly. Unfortunately I can’t locate the email as I’ve had computer problems so searching is difficult.

Yep, done that…also tried contacting them directly on painters pitstop where they’d been posting concerning Flowcontrol - no replies. Also spoken to Johnstone’s rep who said they used to stock the brush cleaner, but have mainly stopped as it didn’t sell. My last port of call is Mypaintbrush who stock Go!paint products, just not the Flowcontrol - see if they maybe can help.

How did you get on sourcing a Flow Control kettle?

Hi folks when you thin paint down,by whatever means you use do you think,it improves the performance ,of paint,ie adhesion extra?