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Fluxaf paint stripper

Fluxaf is an eco paint stripper that works!

If you have any recent experience with the product, please add your thoughts, or ask questions.

If you have used other products in the Fluxaf range, such as the Graffiti cleaner, please start a new topic in this section and let us know what you think.

The Fluxaf team follow Traditional Painter, so if you ask a good question, you will get a very qualified answer.

we trialed this stuff recently on some 300 year old ash beams covered in various coatings. Several types of varnish, some type of wash, various emulsion type paints and a strange pink primer.
After a full day we hadn’t cleaned a single square foot test patch…
The following day we removed the lot with traditional dicliromethane stripper.
I’m not saying it’s crap but it had an absolutely minimal effect on that job. I will be trying it again, I’ll have to. But carry an alternative effective stripper to a stripping job or you may well be going back the next day.

I was talking to Willem recently who runs Vliegenthart which owns Fluxaf and he was the first to admit that there is not one stripper for all scenarios and he travels with 3 samples when asked to trouble shoot a problem. It is difficult to forecast how a coating will react, especially as there is also the substrate to consider once the stripper works, so in your case, the Fluxaf Pro would have probably been the one, the “nasty” one! So absolutely, carry alternatives.