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Fluxaf uPVC restorer

This is a report of the FLuxaf uPVC eco cleaner from a user-turned-seller.

Spray on the surface, leave a minute and wash off with soapy water. This will restore the whiteness of the uPVC which no cleaner can do.

Eco, water-based and fast acting, sounds like a plan. It has been used widely on the continent, not so much in UK. Any experience of it or tips, please add them here.

Fluxaf are aware of this thread too, so any tech questions should get a full response.

Having used several uPVC cleaners, with varying results ( yet to try the one from krudcutter) , I would be interested in this product and trying a sample. We offer a full exterior repaint / restoration service, so this type of cleaner, if effective would be very welcome, especially if it can be used indoors, in kitchens etc… How do I get hold of a sample ? Also does it work on uPvc with a coloured veneer added ?

Fluxaf are associates of TP, speak to Willem, he will point you in the right direction

Will be doing test tommorow on a few items will add photos before and after, using fluxaf,going to try lemon cif cream cleaner, and another upvc cleaner,and a quality compound and auto glym polish, just to get a idear off best performing products, we are advertising this as a additional service.

I wouldn`t mind trying some samples of the upvc cleaner and the pro clean, I used krud kutter up to now but it is not going to be around in the UK much longer so really need alternatives. And a brush and roller cleaner to replace the krud kutter one!

Faracla G3 could be worth a try?

you could also try silicone spray for example on a dark door that has been effected by the sun ,but this wont last to long,owatrol do a restorer,for coloured surfaces not white also which I will try tommorow, also could look on dark colour upvc doors trying G10,i wouldn’t recommend using polishing machine unless you have experience,be careful of heat generation.

` The results off my experience ,the fluxaf worked well with a detail brush, removing ,grime,
as for the roughcast paint left on windows it had little effect, but what did work well was lemon cif with a bit off pressure, was quite surprised, seemed also to be effective in cleaning ,the pvc
quite well, about the same as the fluxaf,but fluxaf would be the fastest most effective rourte for general cleaning,i was tempted to try fluxaf green to remove paint spots and bought a small brush,
to do this but the time it would have taken would have been to long, but that’s not to say, if you got a blob off paint on a window, you could dab on a bit and ease off with plastic scraper,if the paint
was left by a previous painter i am going to try wheel acid on another window dabbed on where there’s paint to see if that helps breakdown the roughcast on pvc .As for restorer, ,if the windows would have been brown owatrol colour restorer would probably work well.So I hope someone finds use in some off this, if you are going to offer this as a additional service, think fluxaf for cleaning,and reving dull upvc, if there is paint on windows allow extra time, for removing, as I said in other article you could try G10 Faracla ,on coloured doors,if you are going to use polishine machine becareful off heat generation,or try owatrol colour restorer,on dark colours

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Restoring fibreglass doors you could try old masters wiping stain,i am looking for a few badly bleached doors in my area ,that I can use for before and after shots .

Anyone looking to restore upvc go for least aggressive method first,off course G10 would work wonders on a coloured door, but your removing a microscopic layer, when owatrol colour restorer could achieve the same effect, but less aggressive,i carry a bottle off white vinger to clean off hard water stains and for removing any stains seems to be very effective.

Another good product I am now using is merlin gold citrus power clean, works really well, in fact better than fluxaf,the secret to getting effective results is starting of with a weak dilution, then increase if you need a bit more strength ,leaving contact time, if on a hot day say on a conservatory working in small areas,dont let the product dry out. As for cleaning glass on upvc I would recommended Evans clear window glass cleaner, superb product, also buy a spraygee window cleaning handle pad,this will save half the time.

A company I have been using lately is upvc spares for repairs,they have a couple off effective cleaning products for upvc one being siroflex cream cleaner, and for removing mastic sealant and grease pvc u solvent is very good, also there glass cleaner is good but Evans is the best. For cloths I use colour coded hygiene wipes and always have some around when we are working.

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For restoring shine to UPVC peek is the best, can be bought in
tubes and tins.

Thought I would update on this siroflex cream cleaner also works well for removing, ingrained dirt ,also commercial magic erasers can be useful,the peek polish is about the best you are going to get on upvc.for restoring colour.

For removing paint on upvc frame,i use homestrip upvc cleaner from decorating direct,worked extremely well.