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Foam Roller For Wallpapering

I have a German non-woven wallcovering to hang which states ‘smooth down with a foam roller, please do not use a spatula or any other tool with sharp edges’.

The wallpaper has a large raised pattern. Can anyone recommend a foam roller which will fit the bill?

Go with a felt roller like you would use for flock, and you will be fine. Clean rag for the non raised parts can help smooth down as well. I bought mine years and years ago but try wrights of lymn or handover’s.

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I got my felt roller from Wallpaper Direct via Brewers - seems like a lot of money for a small piece of kit but its perfect for non standard wall coverings

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Hi Mark
I’m not sure about a foam roller but we use felt rollers for delicate papers, as when you drag/push a papering brush or spatula along the the face of the paper it can polish the surface of the paper.

If you want a premium brand one, go to Wallpaper Direct

Or for a no brand, a quick look on ebay:

If you want different sizes just use ‘felt roller’ as a search word.

Hope this helps, good luck.

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Thanks guys.

Just bought the one from Wallpaper Direct.

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Thanks @dave_d9_decor the felt roller from Brewers worked a treat:

Thanks also to Andy C for recommending Miranol for the woodwork.

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It sounds like you bought one from DD and one from Brewers? How did they compare?

Sorry Andy I only bought the one. Made by Brewers but bought from Wallpaper Direct.

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