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Fox Brushes

I have just used my, 2in Fox yesterday, in Zinsser 123 Plus, and can say its the best i have used in Waterbased paint.
Will be back onto My Paint Brush for more i think.


I had some Fox brushes delivered yesterday, hoped to be using them this week on banister rail and skirting but other trades are in the house creating dust, so hopefully next week I’ll get chance to try them out

Which ones did you go for? The No.14 sash would be my choice for spindled bannisters

I went for 2" , 1.5" , and 1". I bought 2 of each, if I remember correct the sash brush sets were out of stock so hope to get some this week, fingers crossed I can give myself 5 minutes to get some ordered

I used my Fox sash brush on some spindles and banister this week and it was a delight to use! used it with Bedec aqua gloss and very happy with the finish. I even did a small window sill with it laid it of to and again came out great!!

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Just ordered, amoungst other bits, some Fox sash brushes and a Fox 3" Lay off brush

You won’t go wrong with the Fox sash brushes. Brilliant for door moldings and small rebates.
When I first saw them I thought I would never use them. Wouldn’t be without them now.

I have now ordered more fox brushes, I will soon have all the sizes in the range. I wonder if there will be an angled range of foxes at some point?

[quote]Quote from dazco on July 21, 2014, 16:46

I have now ordered more fox brushes, I will soon have all the sizes in the range. I wonder if there will be an angled range of foxes at some point?[/quote]

Watch this space??? :slight_smile:

Got some door mouldings to paint whats the best the corona,s or these?

Jason, Sash brushes for mouldings, you will need a couple of different sizes, why not try a Fox and a Corona Comet and compare? Our big Comet fan at TP is totally Fox now, but not everyone gets on the same with the same brushes.

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My order arrived today I went for the The Fox ‘Foxy 2’ Bundle so now have a good range of fox brushes to put to everyday use. They feel so much like Picasso brushes which are one of my fav brushes. I started with a fox sash and loved it hence the latest order.

Dazco, let us know how you get on with your battery of Foxes.

Certainly would be interesting to see some angled fox brushes with the same handle they currently have. Kind of got use to using angled brushes for cutting in walls!

I will let you know how I get on with my battery of foxes Andy :wink:

Gave some of my new fox brushes a run out today, used a 2.5 for cutting in and was able to do long lines as it held so much paint! infact the magnetic peg struggled to hold on to it. I used a 2 inch on some paneled doors in Bedec aqua gloss and as getting a good load of paint on it ideal for water based paints I flew through the doors, laid off well to. Very happy :slight_smile:

Always good to see what others have found. The feedback on the 2.5" in emulsion is particularly consistently very positive. :smiley:

I think Andy the only thing I thought to myself was that the handles felt a bit chunky but maybe with regular use I may not notice. I am mainly use to the beaver tail style handles on the picasso

Hi Daz, your comment about the handles is oft repeated particularly by those who have a taste for brushes with US style handles. The Fox handles are very traditional “British” but as brushes are a very personal thing, a range will hopefully develop so everyone can enjoy the fantastic bristle set, with a handle that suits their hand size and painting style. It’s a journey, but not a slow one!