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Fox sash for square spindles?

Hello chaps,
Been getting a small shopping list together for my next job and read about the number 14 fox sash being good for spindles. Just wondered if this was for turned spindles only. The ones I am painting are square section and chamfered. I have set of silver Foxes already. Also thinking about getting the Mirka dust free sanding kit - can you use it with a Henry?
As always, very grateful for your advice.

yes you can use with a henrey,wheither its the best machine for that purpose not sure.

Great. It’s all I’ve got at the moment so will have to do!

Hi Lee

I bought a Festool set-up just before Xmas but prior to that I was using a Henry and the hand sanding kit.

This is the hose you need that fits your Henry and the hand sanding block. I think it comes with the kit you are thinking of buying:


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Hello Lee,

I saw the name FOX and thought that I’d chip in… the sash brush is good on spindles turned or otherwise - the no.14 is one of my go-to brushes (14 & 16,) they are a great general usage brush; i would say use it for the same projects as you would a 1-1.5" brush… great for loading material onto substrate. I developed them after the Dutch style of brushes and must say that they have been well received. However, have you thought about using a 4" roller for your square section spindles and layoff with your Silver Fox brush; just a suggestion!!!
Mirka dust-free is a great system (once bitten, you won’t look back!!!)…

All the best!


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The hand sanding block is excellent piece off equipment at thirty pounds.


Hello Mark - I’ve been looking at the Festool stuff too - very nice. Budget dictates at the moment though so might treat myself next Christmas! Yes, that looks like part of the kit I saw earlier, not a bad price considering the benefits.

Hello Martin - Hadn’t thought of that; too busy thinking about shopping! I will give that a go. Roll the whole length of one side of a spindle then lay off and repeat x4 or roll the whole spindle and then lay off?

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Yep, sounds the job, just be careful of fat/thick edges and you’re good to go… I know what it’s like when you get the shopping list in your head. I’d do the whole spindle then layoff.

When budget allows, take a look at the Festool Mini/Midi extractor - great piece of kit (auto on/off is a real bonus!)

Happy painting Lee - let me know how you get on.

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Hopefully will have some good results by the end, will let you know. Just one more thing; the only 4" rollers I have are the Axus lime green, will they be ok for WB eggshell/satinwood?
Going to have a look at those Festool extractors in a minute.
Cheers Martin.

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Yep, yep… should work a treat… it’s just about getting a consistent covering then laying off to a flawless finish. Don’t forget to dampen first and rub/brush any of the green fibres before using with the rollers.

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