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Front door filling

Hi all, I have a couple of external doors where some of the joints on the styles and rails have opened up, would using Toupret Elafib for these thin areas and Toupret fine surface filler for the rest of the surfaces be the way to go ? Many thanks

Hi Doug looks like you have some very satisfying work on your hands,i am a great fan off
Touprett,especially tx110,you can adjust the drying time by ading cold or warm water,but
i am a fan Bonda decor fill,a great product,also marine filler by plastic padding is part off my kit now,the last two are two part fillers,with continental blades should achieve a top finish hope that helps,

Hi Darlic, I use Bonda wood hardener with great results, haven’t used their two pack though, that marine filler sounds interesting going to research that, many thanks, Doug

For construction joints that have opened I’d thoroughly recommend the Repair Care system. Repair Care is a superior product for exterior door repairs for adhesion and flexibility

Is this the yellow stuff in tube that can be used on windows,is it expensive to set up?

There is an investment to make if deciding to go with Repair Care, tools and a days training. I covered my investment costs in my first two jobs - and although I don’t use it every week I find it an excellent product - although do attend the day course to maximise your return - and potentially a good business opportunity