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Furniture painting questions

Hi folks what species of wood come up best when stained,varnished?whats your best methods for raising grain in wood small dents? What are your favourite varnish’s/stains.What woods change colour, over time once stained? What are your favourite brushes /rollers when using in stain/varnish?for wet sanding inbetween coats what do you use?How do you check for compatibility when using stain,and topcoat,with oil you can use anything.How will you no when your done with furniture painting?how do you find best to sand edges?what are your go to grades of abranet?how do you remove hardened glue.What are your favorite application methods?cheers

I would have to say oak comes out the best varnished in my view, my favourite finish for wood would be Fiddes clear glaze Matt looks stunning when done. I use felt rollers for varnish and then lay off, I don’t do a lot of wet sanding (don’t have the time) :joy: I prefer to flatten off with mirka Autonet 400g and use the same to smooth off edges. Depends what glue your trying to remove if it’s sticker glue wd40 if it’s hardened glue cellulose thinners. Favourite application would have to be spraying both airless & HVLP

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Thanks bless you what products do you recommend dye /stain in one?

Wood dyes I would use Liberon, Rustins, Colron or any spirit or methanol based as it tends to penetrate into the timber instead of sitting on top of the surface, then seal with a oil based varnish or Laquer. Stain and varnish in one I tend to use on exterior timber only and would be something like Sikkens or Sadolin Extra depending on the job

Thanks,when treating knots,what methods do you find best?knotting solution?stainblocker?heatgun/meths?cut out and fill?have I missed anything?i have a smooth planned shed to paint,
I don’t really want to have to do knots,as there everywhere.I was thinking of using owatrol oil
it will give me 18months protection,but wont be able to use anything else on it?its super fast
and gives nice finish?my other option was a scandavan paint 15 years durability,a 143 pounds
seems a lot of money?What product would you recommend?

You must remember it is a shed :joy: all my sheds and fences are coated in Sadolin Superdec

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Thanks I looked at that on datasheet it says cut out knots and fill,this shed is full of them so would be massive job,otherwise I would have used.What would be the best high hiding gel stain,on furniture?

Use knotting solution on shed it will be fine… data sheets are there to cover manufacturers and not always practical in everyday use. My shed had plenty of knots as well and had lasted 5yrs with 2 coats of knotting and 3 coats of supedec and it’s still looking good :+1:t2:


Hi folks I want to use some Danish oil on a piece of wood,5 coats,on the last one wet sand with 600 to remove dust marks when wet,to achieve a glass finish?Looking to do some testing with different species of wood,I was looking at no nonsense Danish oil,i no you get what you pay for?what brand is good quality,and reasonable price.

wood bleach makes a massive difference to damp stains,you can see the half I haven’t done. Steel wall and metal polish for restoring handles.
For glueing i am using reversable glue,and gorilla glue

cleaning handles really doses make a massive difference

Fussy bloke rollers,they shape with the surface certainly produce a nice finish,looking forward to blue topcoat.

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check out this post on tung oil on bare timber


Hi folks I have a table, top what I want to do,is,stick an old newspaper to top,then seal,it with something that make it wipeable,from coffie staines extra?Last but least do you no a time in history that’s important, that I could get hold of an edition,with intresting article could be painting?

Great for removing waterstains

Yeah Its looks good.

Hi folks i have a few little tiny dents on table,was thinking raising the grain water and heat,are there any better ways.Cheers

sounds like a good plan to me.

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Hi folks i converted my sanding into dust free sanding,you can buy the adaptor online for about 8 pound worked great.

This is what i love about abranet tears through the paint.