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Garden exterior wood

Painting fences/ sheds
This post will be product selection, tips and techniques with photos. More to follow

Sadoline classic great stuff.

Filling exterior wood to stain
More to follow

Choose a stainable filler
Something that’s sands easy
Get filler same colour as wood
Use a dark stain
Worth doing some test samples, on wood, and make sure you mix filler correctly, myself i use a hoover when sanding to extract dust, or mirka sanding block.


Next part
product selection
Checking data sheets

With this project i have left it a bit late, I don’t like painting exteriors after sept. I have gone over with a microfiber cloth on wood, to remove moisture then will get on it mid morning.
If you trap moisture it will peel of,thats not my goal.

Product selection
This is wear you can create a lot of work if your not careful.
Check fence is it rough or smooth ?
Find suitable product read data sheet, some fence paints will not be suitable for smooth. This may sound stupid, if you buy a paint that’s not suitable for smooth, you will be doing it all again in a few months.
Cleaning surface
We used pro kleen simply spray on and walk away, a week job done you can a adjust concentration as well.
Application methods
Brush my favourite
Reason, you can get into awkward areas,it pushes the product into surface, cleaner way to work, unlike a sprayer no risk of overspray.Better control,of your envioroment
Garden broom
Works well, say back alley, no grass or plants or concrete posts.
Depends on product, anything thin, like creosote i wouldn’t bother, but anything like duck, that dosent splatter, a good roller like a sheepskin roller would work.
I see lots of people use sprayers super quick, and they are,wheither a sprayer could force the product into the surface, would come down to the sprayer, and product. Myself a thin product something that would penetrate into the fence. Something else you don’t wont overspray going on peoples cars or property so the right environment is important.Somthing else to think about a thin product can creep into gaps in fences unlike if brushed, you have more control. I have seen where fences have been painted, on the otherside,you can see the paint runs, with a brush, you have better control.A good spraysheild would be useful if there’s concrete posts,or take panels out or tape,myself i would remove panels, and put in an area where i could spray, maybe even put up a tarpulan,to stop overspray.
Pump up spray bottle
Right product same as spraying, if there’s concrete posts, remove panels.Myself,i would go for a thin product, saturate the surface then go over with a brush quickly.
All the above just make sure, check application methods, not all products can be sprayed, for floor protection we used cardboard.