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Gday folks - DIY enthusiast

Hello everyone. A quick hello from a new boy.

I’m a bit of a diy enthusiast and can’t bear badly painted walls! If your going to do a job, do it properly!
My house looks like the previous owner painted/plastered with a garden rake so am joining the forum to gain some advice. I’m not just saying it but this appears to be the best (most knowledgable and professional) site on the internet. I’ve found and put into practice some good advice from here, so far mainly about preparing walls and painting with emulsion and painting trim with water based paints. I’m doing virtually all my downstairs soon including HSL so will be doing plenty of research here and probably asking for help quite soon.

Thanks a million for all your articles and help so far!


Hi David

thanks for calling by, we will do our best / do our bit to help you on your way.