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General painting

Hi all.
About to start decorating a staircase in an 1860 house, the owner is going to have a carpet runner on the stair and painted sides. I have inspected the tread/risers and a varnish has been applied in the past which looks quite thick. Don’t want to spend hours and use many sanding sheets getting it ready for paint so any ideas on the quickest and best way of prepping and would Tikkurila water based paint be the right paint for this situation.

For the stripper look at paramose stripper,should remove it pretty quick,i would look at little green floor paint,goodluck

Hi darlic. Thanks for the response. Never heard of paramose floor stripper, is it water or petroleum based?

Or you could give it a good sanding and clean then apply Tikkurilla Otex Akva Adhesion primer, then go with your top coat of choice (I would go with Betolux Akva alos from Tikurilla it’s waterbased but designed for wood or concrete floors) I’ve been using Otex Akva for a while now over paints that I’m unsure if oil or waterborne. Great results all round. Never used Betolux Akva but if it’s anything like Tik’s other products it will be good.

Hi oscar71.
Thanks for your response. I do use Otex Akva for most of my base work so your thinking is akin to mine. Never used Betolux before so I will certainly have a look at it. I think that I will have to go the sanding route as the house is a busy one with dogs so the stripper is, I think, out of the question (but thank you darlic for your input)

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Sorry for late reply, first question not sure,you will need to check datasheet, works very quick,on the sanding side a friend of mine, doses it full time, he was going to do my floor, but said, using his floor stripper would clog up his discs. I sanded an area with abranet ace,it did work, but wouldn’t recommend it.My first attempt was nitromours,didnt even touch it,but the paramose achieved it with ease, and used by furniture restores.If it was me i would just sand smooth,use adhesion primer like stix,then floor paint.