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Getting Dulux Weathershield off brick

Hands up, I painted a customer’s gable in less-than-ideal conditions (cust was insistent, having guests for Christmas, etc), fog set in and there was some running… Jet washer took most of it off, but there is one stubborn patch it wouldn’t touch. I was thinking maybe brick acid, but suspect that may be a bit extreme - both for the brick and me.

I do have a tin of Nitromors in my cupboard, but still thought it worth asking.

When removing paint from surfaces, it is always best to do a test area first, as strippers may not work as expected. ie just as most of the time they dont work, sometimes they can work too well!

I do know that FLuxaf graffi Klean removed aerosol paint off of a stone wall.

This is it in action on metal

It is waterbased still, read the instructions and follow the precautions

I hv used a held held steam cleaner. ( yellow one) excellent results. no chems or abrasive damage. softens paint then flake off with scrapper

A guy I met who specialised in this sort of thing rated Homestrip left overnight and then jet washing.

I’ve used Homestrip too - it needed 2 applications but came off nicely. I’m sure Fluxaf would work just as well. I’ve done a blog about it here:

Thanks very much gents, all good suggestions. I’ll let you know how I get on.