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Glaze for hand prints

Just spent the last 3 days hanging a coles hand print paper (9 rolls and a pain to hang) for a customer, now being a hand print paper and also it did say on the roll info, not for areas of high moisture, I thought it would be a good idea to put on a glaze (seeing as its in a bathroom !!) BUT she wants a flat look, ie a flat glaze, but not sure of any good ones about.

Cloe’s were not very helpful and said they would only recommend a satin glaze (so would I) but when I said the customer wanted a flat glaze all they told me was to contact to shop where the paper came from.

So I asked the lady and found out where she got the paper from, Cole’s direct !!!

So does anyone here, know of a good flat glaze they could recommend please ??

Many thanks


P.S Hope I posted this in the right place Andy !

I’m not sure I can recommend a particular glaze for this paper, but if you want a durable clear matt finish, then the general approach for products like Polyvine and Dulux Diamond Glaze is to specify a first coat of gloss, and then top off with finish coats in the lesser sheen. So it goes some way to alleviating the impossibility of a dull matt finish coping well with moisture.

As I side note, I was asked to come up with a spec to prepare a painted base for a pencil / charcoal mural on a lime plaster period restoration, and then protect it from bathroom moisture. It was an impossible spec, so we had to prioritise, and the priority was to preserve the integrity of the mural.

To keep it relevant to Neil’s question, the upshot was to use a clear coat acrylic Polyvine. The proviso was that as there is no such thing as a microporous clear sealer, it may bloom periodically in the humid atmosphere.

In that case, although it was a well considered spec, because of the “squaring a circle” scenario, and no supplier really knew or was willing to stick their neck out, there could be no guarantees given, and it was on the client if there was a strange outcome. Hope some of that helps.

The best for a flat finish that I have used, is from Polyvine, it was dead flat, but with regard to it’s use in a moisture rich environment,I have no experience of it will last.

But like Andy, I would use a diluted gloss coat, for the first one or two coats, to ensure that the paper was fully sealed, then finish with the flat varnish.

I would also opt for the Polyvine dead flat decorators varnish or Radcliffe’s Emulsion glaze coat:

In either case I would proceed with 2-3 coats of flat matt. However, depending on the adhesive used, sealing the paper could eventually cause edges to go brittle and peel/lift. Both products are excellent IMO but obviously the moisture content of the environment will determine the outcome!

Just an update on the above.

Had a chat with the customer on Sunday morning about putting a flat matt on the paper, told her I was not overly happy doing so and I thought a satin finish would be better for a bathroom. So she told me to wait until she had spoken to Cole’s herself.

Anyway had a call from her today saying that the paper I had hung was not a hand print (well Cole’s said it wasn’t) and it didn’t need any coating. (Which is completely different from what the label said, and having hung hand prints in the past I still say it is.)

I told her either the paper was a hand print or there was a big problem with the paper, as when hanging any damp on the face started the pattern to run / smudge.
So this afternoon I took a call from Cole’s tech department and was told it’s not a true hand print but a paper which should be hung with care and to have dry and clean hands at all times, and yes I can glaze on top of it without any problems.

So going to do a sample tomorrow and see what she thinks, but at the end of the day it was the wrong paper to hang in a bathroom which I think she now understands , but her last comment to me today sum’s it all up.

She turned round and said “for £93 per roll (9 rolls) I should be able to have it hung wherever I like” !!

Will keep you all informed how it goes with hopefully some photos soon.

Many thanks for your time and all the advice,


If only £93 a go would buy some intelligence for some people! Sounds like a case of ‘That’s why they put erasers on pencil tops’!

Just a couple of shots of the bathroom, taken today before any glaze was put on.