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Glossing doors

Hi all . This may sound daft . But I am doing a big posh house all the way through lots of exspensive paper . An the customer is over the moon . But they want there front door to look like a mirror . And I keep seeing u all mention the fillers u put on before painting . So what would be the order u do it all in to get a Downing Street front door . Many thanks gaz

Hi search gras a lacquered ,and front door ,I done a few posts which will give you a few tips,if you have any further questions after reading them posts I will answer them.cheers

Cheers mate . Just don’t know which order it goes on do u fill first rub down / prime / undercoat / them double gloss or fill between each coat . ? An in ur experience which is the shiniest gloss ??

Add a photo of your door and I will take a look ,the last one I done I stripped it all back with fluxaf,stripper,but you may not need to do that, if you do treat knots then prime /then fill, then
undercoat, when applying gras a lacquer apply thinly,over application you will have the fun
of taking it all off, leave to dry, then wet and dry ,then gloss mirinol is without doubt the best
gloss I have every used, paint a dark colour like black or green,i done a few white doors, although I achieved a nice finish it didn’t shine as well as the black door did. Hope
that helps.

Cheers mate . I’ve never used that but gonna give it a try . Door in decent condition so I’m thinking good rub down . Plenty of prep then get painting …:smile:

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So gras a laquer is put on before gloss ? After undercoat ? I’m not trying to sound thick here … So prime fill / wet n dry . / undercoat / then gras a laquer / wet n dry then gloss / ? Wat primer would u use an wats the best undercoat for the miranol ? Can u upload any pics of ones u have done . Cheers for ur help pal

When you open the tin remove brown liquid on top,you can, add a drop of white sprit as well, if needed,you might find a plastic car body filler blade usefull to apply Gras laquer.

Can u really tell the difference wen its been used ?

Look at it like a car, white paint is dull and boring, even when polished, on dark colours you can make them gleam,the answer is yes big difference,i have got to get back to work cheers

Thanks mate . Much appreciated

These will give you an overview and options

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Thanks Andy . Il have a look

So gras a laquer on after undercoat ? Then gloss on top of filler ? I just did not think the gloss would go on top of the filler ?

yes apply after undercoat.

I have added the post to give you a idear of what you can achieve ,that was using gras the post my glass finished front door.

Can anyone recommend best outlets to pick up the otex primer undercoat and miranol gloss ? Also does that primer / undercoat come in dark grey for darker colours ie black or dark greens ? Or would u recommend extra coats of gloss .

Whats your technique for painting interior panel doors?i am using waterbased where possible
use damp purdy thin a bit and not lay off to much,for oil i thin a bit to help flow and lay off.
Whats your sequence,do you do the panels first,mouldings with a brush then roll flat
areas axus lime ,on flat panels,then lay off ,then start from top and work down?I have
painted and sprayed doors and always striving for improvement ,any tips appraicted

just thought i would update this post on waterbased gloss,i wipe over the door with a damp sponge first then brush seems to work well.

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Damp microfibre cloth also an option for applying some help to the surface. Emphasis is on damp surface, not “wet”.

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i wipe with floetrol diluted in water

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