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Go Paint Products In Use? -What's Your Opinion?

Evening all, was reading a post earlier about additives to wood stain and the Go Paint Flow Control kettle was mentioned.

I couldn’t help but look at the Go Paint products and some of them look brilliant but I’m wandering if any of you have used them and can feed back on how good they really are.

I rarely (never in fact) buy anything without asking the question on TP and that has been serving me very well indeed the last 7 odd years. Interested in your experiences with any of the products … The Pour & Go, Store & Go, The roller cleaner and the Paint & Go in particular appeal to me. I have a Clean & Go which rather stupidly I’ve yet to use but will be doing so very shortly.

Any experiences (good or bad) I’d be very interested to hear about. It’s nice to nice directions but of course even better if they better than old methods. Cheers

Hi i use the store and go gel very good, and roll and go both recommended.

Cheers Jason, yes they both caught my eye as well.

Yeah I reckon I will be investing in those by the end of day.

Have to say nearly all the stuff on their web site appeal to me but thought I’d ask folks with experience rather than just base it on my enthusiasm :slight_smile:

I’ve got one or two of the Go Paint products and think that in general they are well thought out and worthwhile. I do think that they need a better agent/distribution system in the UK as finding them is not always easy. I’ve got the paint and go kettle and three or four plastic liners with lids, the roll and go xl and the roll and go s. With the latter two I like the storage area behind the washboard to pop cutting in brushes into whilst using the roller.
The only problem I have is that the lids (when I eventually found where I’d put them) are prone to splitting when you peel them back to remove them thus losing the sealing effect.