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Go!Paint, tools for painters, Jop Timmers

Hi there,

I am the innovation manager at Go!Paint. We are based in the Netherlands and design and produce tools for professional and (very) serious DIY painters.

All our products save time, money and the environment. We make sure all products are evaluated and tested by painters in an early stage of the development, so we know for sure our products add value for you before bringing them to the marketplace.

Each year we have a booth at the PDA show in Coventry in November, so please check us out there. We will always bring some new products, even in prototype stage, so be the first to see what’s coming!

If you have any ideas for the painter and decorator or for improvements to products, I am always open for cooperation, so please do not hesitate to share.

Hope to talk to all of you one day!

Kind regards,
Jop Timmers


Your stand at the show has been very enlightening the last couple of years. The advantage of your products isn’t always obvious at first glance, but now I see the Clean and Go! being used more and more, and the gel of course. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile: