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Good evening from Harvey (Wallbanger) pro Decorator Yorkshire

Greetings from Yorkshire.

Finally I’m getting round to writing an introduction. I actually joined this site in January but for some reason couldn’t post.
Then I lost my password (age related) and I’m not brilliant with computers either.

Anyway I’ve been decorating since 1985 and have been self employed since 1992.
I recognise quite a few names from another ( very good ) painting & decorating forum.

Look forward to hopefully contributing to this excellent site.

Hi can we call you Harvey? I just highlighted on the registration page that for security against spam bots and the like, if you put the password in 3 times wrong you get locked out for 2 hours. And another 3 failed attempts it locks out for 6 months. So it was possibly raining and wintery the last time you tried to log in? Welcome now!

Look forward to your contributions now you are here. What’s Yorkshire like at the moment for decorating?



Hi Mr Wallbanger21, welcome to the Traditional Painter forum

Blimey Andy, that sounds adventurous ‘Decorating Yorkshire’!

You must have a few tips up your sleeve, with all those years in the trade, look forward to you sharing them

Apologies for my momentary dose of Eats shoots and leaves syndrome. Let me rephrase! What decorating projects are you involved with currently in your part of Yorkshire, Mr Wallbanger?

Good evening wallbanger nice to see you here.

A funny thing, I am not great with PCs either. I now use an eye pad ! It has a predictive spellchecker & when I typed ‘wallbanger’ it actually came up as Wall Anger.
So…was just wondering if banger & anger actually meant the same thing, or if one occurred because of the other!
Anyway, doesn’t matter, just ignore me if you like.

Welcome again.