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GoPaint! products for storing and cleaning brushes

If you have any questions for Jop the designer of Clean and Go, Store and Go or Roll and Go, you are welcome to post them here. Also they have a landing page summarising their product, and contact details for further information.

Based in Holland, they have a very interesting perspective, and they develop their ideas and test primarily with Dutch paint contractors. The kit does work, it just takes a little bit of adjustment for UK minds I think, based on our own experience. Once you get it, what they do makes a lot of sense.

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Next to products for storing and cleaning brushes we also have what we call a vertical paint tray (Roll and Go) and a very complete range of paint kettles and inliners (even customizable). We are innovators so our range is growing. You may expect products that help you to sieve (filter) paint or to clean rollers or to dry paint left-overs or to purify waste water. And even products that guarantee a perfect flow for your paint… All coming soon…
Stay focussed :wink: