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Green Painting with a brush fetish

Hi, I’m Andy and I have recently developed a passion for redheads. This is the right place? More of that later.

Seriously though folks I am here because I have a hell of a lot to learn. I have found myself dragged kicking and screaming into the world of professional painting and decorating and the learning curve I am faced with is almost vertical.

In past lives I have been professional musician, salesman, business analyst and most recently, professional freelance photographer.

Getting rather peed off with all the corporate BS that goes with commercial photography I decided I should do something else and keep creative photography going alongside. So I spread the word that I was looking for any odd jobs to get me going on something else. Two acquaintances asked me to do some decorating for them. Those jobs got bigger and I now get regular repeat business from them in addition to referrals to other people who have also referred me to their friends. So with no advertising and little promotion I find myself suddenly being asked to do decorating work and quoting industry rates to do it. The only problem is I don’t have the product knowledge or experience so I am spending a lot of time reading, researching, watching others and basically flying by the seat of my pants.

Just to make it more difficult for myself I decided, as a bit of a tree hugger, that I am going to be as eco friendly as possible. Clearly this involves a lot of work and new techniques in some cases but it is also a selling point to a lot of customers. I might live a bit longer as a result which is quite nice too.

I liken this to wedding photography. You only get one shot at the job. If you do it well the word spreads. If you screw it up you soon find yourself with no work. So I realise how important it is to do a proper job and to use the right tools to do it. My own home has become a testing ground for technique and products and the wife is very happy about that of course. In a previous DIYer mode I would look for cheap brushes that I could bin after the job. Cheap paint etc - you know how it goes. But having someone pay me to do their house? Well that changes everything. Now I spit on own brand brushes and paint as I walk past. I read up to see what people like to use. Started with Purdy but then discovered Wooster FTP and the Purdy collection has become spares.

Ah and then I bought some Picasso angled ovals. I took one out of the packet and went a bit funny. I felt the soft tips, the balance. And the colour! I never fancied red heads till that point. My problem now is, whist I am sure they are great brushes to paint with, I don’t want to spoil them. So my preferred brush set is the Woosters and I think for now I might just hang the Picasso on the wall and look at it 8O

Anyone still awake?

I am here to learn but I guess as a newby I am going to make silly mistakes and it will be useful to share those to save other people from doing the same. Go on - laugh at me - I can take it. I will go back to my Picasso on the wall and it will make me feel good again.

OK that’s my break over - I have also found out that decorators don’t have a weekend. If I don’t take on a paid job then there is painting to be done at home

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Hi Andy join the club,i am the same spent six months doing my house,its a good way to start,Andy on here has really inspired me,hope i can you,get yourself a paint-mate for storing paintbrushes,buy Wooster Dustbuster,the Wooster decorating kit on here will simply up your game,simply spend time reading this site,practice,practice,enjoy,i love it,this is the best decorating site by miles,good luck.

I am a redhead by nature,ginger is my nick name.yes the Picasso is a lovely brush for water based paints,also the blonds aren’t bad, the corona Cody,Kingston are good too, good luck with your decorating fetish, and remember…preparation,preparation,preparation is perfection…you will need to get yr self a decent festool sander an dust extraction,don’t want to end up a dusty dirty decorator…clean,tidy and forgot…PREPARATION


Thanks gents - all about prep - I am getting that. Dust eater is on the shopping list.

A merged thread on a few aspects of the Wooster Dust Eater.