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Greenpaints eco emulsion

Done a search and can’t see anything in the forum about this product. Wondering if anyone has ever tried it.

I am keen to get as many true eco products in my working collection as possible but not if there is a real trade-off for quality. Pricing looks fair - about £46 for 5L mat emulsion which they say is tough and scrubable. Not taking chances though so I am ordering a test pot just to see.

The Greenshop who supply it also sell stuff from Eco Ezee who are an interesting outfit. Not holding my breath for this one but I just thought I’d order one of their brushes - bamboo handle and everything else recycled. They don’t look pretty and I can’t imagine they will be much good for fine cutting but who knows.

If you mean this Green ShopI should know more as I remember it when it first started at the local garage., but no, I am not up to speed with their range. I am trying to think of a guy on Twitter who used their products on all his contracts. Jonathan someone. Will have a search.

You can read this and look for Keim Optil for petro chemical free wall paints, also there are recycled paint from Newlife / Reborn ies reusing what has already been produced.

And you can see Eco Ezee on the main site too for a run down on the brush.

That’s the one. I’ll have a look at that other stuff and when my samples arrive I’ll give them a bash and let you know what they’re like.

Will look into the other info too. Thanks for the links Andy

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If you would like me to organise a few free samples of Keim Optil, just give me a bell and i will get some sent out. There is also eicó which has superb eco credentials for its manufacturing process and some of the lowest VOC levels of any paint available in the UK - again give me a bell and i will be happy to help.



I’m up for trying any true eco products at least once. The problem is there are so many that are labelled as being green but not necessarily healthy. I would like to use paint that I could spill in my coffee and not feel ill if I drink it :slight_smile:

I would also prefer them to be manufactured in the UK, for environmental reasons rather than patriotic! But if there are European products it’s the next best thing.

Hi folks have any of you ever used firwood matt emulsion?any feedback on this product?