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Hand cleaners to remove paint

Continuing the discussion from Painting tips!:

What ideas and thoughts do you have for removing paint from hands, and preventing paint getting on your skin in the first place

I just use hand wipes I think they’re Everbuild ones. They seem quite good.
I would recommend keeping a clean rag in your pocket and wiping your hands every now and again.

Since my road trip to the Netherlands, when applying Isofix (shellac base) and OTEX (oil base) on Hand Painted Kitchens, I use latex gloves at all times - as the Dutch seem to… with water based paints I tend to use Big Wipes to remove paint from skin - gotta say that paint anywhere other than where I intend for it to be, is another of my OCD obsessions!!!


i like Beeline handklenz - good at removing all sorts of paint but yea, for a few years now i prefer painters gloves,

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I was given a set off painters gloves but what about disposable gloves .

Lee, is that cotton or plastic disposable gloves you use?

More often that not I like the shield painters gloves which are cloth, however, for oil paints or anything sticky I like disposable gloves but they have a talcum powdered dusting in the inside which stops hands from sweating , I know the cheap surgical gloves are practical but they do tear quite easily


Btw, the shield gloves have a coating on the palm side which is paint proof

Don’t like them disposable gloves,spend most of the day trying to fit them over my head and blow them up. :smile: