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Hand painted kitchen - Gloucestershire

Finished this kitchen a few weeks ago. It is about 10 years old, in good order. The customer wanted some of the units taken out and swapped around before painting. The kitchen is a mix of pine, mdf, and oak.

After all the necessary prep the finish was Feeling Furniture semi matt matched to French Grey (Little Greene Paint)

Please ignore the orange, that is the customer trying to put her mark on the finished kitchen, not sure myself what she was going for.

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Very nice Trev, a lovely job. I like the deep cornice, it gives a sense of grandeur. You should be pleased with how it has come out and how rewarding is it when you see how all your hard work and prep gives you such a fantastic result? I’m sure your client is over the moon with her new kitchen. Nice work, Tony

Hard to ignore the orange!!

Your kitchen does look great in spite of that impromptu contribution :slight_smile: Thanks. What primer did you use to bring it all forward together?

Thanks Tony, I’m very pleased with the finished job. The customer is very happy with the new kitchen. Thanks to lots of prep and the expert help from my chippie to adjust and move units, this turned out to be a great kitchen project, very rewarding.

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Hi Andy, yes the orange is a little distracting.

I used Zinsser BIN as a primer, had it tinted to suit the finish coat.

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