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Hand Painted Kitchen, Lichfield. Part 2

I’ve just written a quick part 2 to my first blog article about a recent Hand Painted Kitchen in Lichfield;

This one has more photography and a lovely testimonial from a happy client!

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In the review they sent, they said they were apprehensive. Was that about the colour, the finish, the thought of disruption, dust?

I think that my clients main apprehension was; would Hand Painting their kitchen give the desired “effect”… Steve - my client, is a visual person, a Film & Video Lighting Cameraman, so I believe that he could envisage what he wanted. But, it takes quite a leap of faith to actually “commit”. It is all well and good to choose a colour from a colour card… we all see how colour alters depending upon light intensity, angle and saturation; kitchens have many surfaces, of varying sizes and scales in many positions. Being a Kitchen Painting Specialist, I feel that it is important to “understand” our clients, what they want and expect - it’s not just a case of applying the paint exquisitely, we must understand elements of colour theory and colour psychology… how colour can affect mood and atmosphere, etc.

My clients, chose quite a complex pallet, dark kick boards were played off against light units and mid tone chairs… accent tones are to be employed in soft furnishings at a later date. My clients look to me for guidance, often - it’s my role to support and deliver.

Aspects such as dust, are a concern… I fully explain my “dust-free” ethos at quotation stage. Once on site and my kit is deployed, it soon becomes apparent that dust will not be an issue.

Sometimes it can appear that the Market is saturated with Kitchen Painters, but then again, there are Kitchen Painters and there are Kitchen Painters - I think that it is important that potential clients see that as a Traditional Painter Kitchen Painting Specialist we deliver on our promises; we are Professional, we Prepare fully and we use the very finest of Paints and materials, the 3P’s of TP as I term it. Can you afford to use anyone else!?!?


He takes a good photo, very sharp. Dark kick boards make them float.