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Hand Painted Kitchen Merseyside - photos

Hello peeps, this is my first post so i do hope i have done it right, i am natalie from All things vintage in crosby and i restore furniture and kitchens. This MDF kitchen was primed and painted in Farrow & Ball exterior eggshell (New White).

That is looking better! What prep and primers did you use?

Hi Andy, we removed all of the doors and drawer fronts and took them to our workshop, we scrubbed the doors and drawers so they were grime free, sanded all doors and drawer fronts and then we used oil based primer on the doors and drawer fronts. We went on site to prep the plinths/pelmets etc and we repeated the procedure, although we used frog tape to mask off the edges (saves any mess, leakage free).

Once prep was done we hand painted the cabinets in farrow and ball new white exterior eggshell paint and finished the kitchen by fitting crystal knobs to all doors and drawer fronts, the finish was amazing, clients very happy ( although the price was far too cheap- after looking on your site, but a lesson learned.

You need to share a few more secrets!! What did you scrub the doors with?

What was the oil based primer?

How did the eggshell behave over the oil primer?

Reason I ask, kitchen painter Colin down in Cornwall / Devon followed the full F&B spec with the F&B primer-undercoat and still came unstuck

I recently completed a Kitchen refurb in F&B Exterior Eggshell in (Darkened) a light silver/grey colour over F&B white & shades undercoat which was over ZINBIN primer.

Only 2 x top coats but I put 3 on the fronts for extra durability, had no problems with coverage at all, rolled on with Axus Lime sleeve and tipped off with a 2" Corona Kingston. Great Result!

Hi Guys sorry been rushed off my feet with furniture, Yeah Andy i never had a problem, zinnser if thats how its spelled? under the F & B New White and the results were fabulous, scrubbed doors first with sugar soap, i love using it, of course they were dry before the kitchen refurb commenced xxx