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Hand painted kitchens,which paint?

Hi,I’ve been doing hand painted kitchens for a number of years now,don’t get any complaints but I’m always looking to improve.Use lots of different paints from Dulux to little green tikkurilla etc,still like to know what other people use and weather oil base,water based or hybrids would welcome any answer.

Hi look at teknos,nice paint, furniture quality, you should be able to acheive brush free finish, over futra 3,i am not a everyday user of it but like it.You could look at fine paints of Europe, never used them, but seen some amazing results, or Benjamin moor advance, never used but heard good things.Another paint i like myself is fusion,levels nice very durable you can also varnish on top,thats how tough it is, but all in all teknos would be my choice.

Sorry i missed something, what might be a good question, and help you a lot, what charetstics are you looking for, in a paint? Maybe a good idear would be to get some datasheets and compare them together.Look at the weakness and strength’s of paints and do a few tests.With the teknos i found, after painting a captains desk,i could work at the desk a couple hours later, being careful of course, and sanded down lovely.

Thanks for that,I’ve already looked at Benjamin Moore and it has got good reviews.The biggest drawback I have is I live in Sheffield and there are no independent warehouses that will specialize in BM or Tikkurila etc,it’s all the major names Dulux, Crown, Johnston’s so I have to order from Holmans and get it delivered,thanks for the advice I’ll try it on my next job.

You’re quite right about availability in Sheffield, we must be a conservative lot, obviously with a small c not a capital C! I just wish a well stocked shop with a wider range of good quality paints, consumables and equipment would open up by someone other than me.