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Hand painted kitchens

i have everyone i’m new to this so please excuse any errors,i have just been asked by a local kitchen company to paint there new cabinets and since then i have found this forum and have gained a lot of help from it i have no problems with the prep side and cleanliness but i have never used some of the paints used in process ie Tikkurla, Little Green ect so would like some more help about these paints from people who use them.

Hi Dave,

Welcome to the TP Forum, what would you like to know, I will try and help? Fire away!

Hi Again sorry for delay in getting back to you (man flu) ,my main concern at this time is that the company who want me to paint there new kithchens have been using dulux diamond eggshell which at first i was quite happy with, however since joining your forum and learning about new products ie Tikkurila , Mythic i’m not sure which of these products in your opinion would give the more professional finish and durability. thanks again. Dave Watts

If the company is specifying Dulux (I have some clients who won’t move to Little Greene etc) then I’d recommend the Diamond Satinwood rather than Diamond Eggshell.

As covered elsewhere on TP site, acrylic eggshells end up with a very flat finish whereas the acrylic Satins end up with a sheen more like the pre 2010 oils.

I also find the Diamond Satinwood flows out better than the rather sticky Diamond Eggshell.

But may well be worth directing your client to TP site for them to see how many endorsements there are for Mythic, Little Greene etc.

Tikkurila has defo won me over from oil in the painted kitchen/furniture area,the finish that can be achieved is outstanding if you can control the room temp,keeping temp 15 to 18 c

Hi Guys,

The Tikkurila & Mythic are both excellent products for hand painted work but use with the correct primers & undercoats ie; Otex under feelings (Tikkurila) and Mythic s MPP Multi Purpose Primer obviously for Mythic.

I do use LG on some kitchens if Oil finish is specified but much prefer the Tikkurila Furniture Feelings with the Otex primer tinted to the top coat you can spec 2 x u/coats in Otex & 2 x Top coat in TFF for an absolute flawless finish. If your client is looking for an eggshell finish then Mythic is the flattest eggshell Ive ever used.

For the Dulux Diamond paints try adding Floetrol or Zamix extender it will help them flow out better and give you just that little bit more open time!

Hope this helps

Regards Russ